Imathia A.s.A.P. (Imathia As Slow As Possible)

A hidden gem in the centre of Greece will uncover meaningful experiences and discoveries on the genuine cultural and environmental assets of Imathia, in a new Slow Tourism proposal.

Imathia A.s.A.P. aims to offer new tourism experiences, perfectly aligned with the spirit and values of Slow Tourism, allowing visitors to experience the very essence of the cultural and environmental assets that Imathia has to offer. The tourism programmes are centered to the practices of sustainable growth, are thematically designed, and consider not only the practical needs of the visitors but at the same level their emotional and spiritual demands and necessities. 

Imathia Veria

Addressed to: Families Integrated Groups: groups of friends, union and club members, students and educational institutions, business groups, etc. Seniors
Duration: A few days (Short Stay Programmes: 3-4 Days)
Suitable for Tourism programmes will take place all year round.
Price from: History & Archaeology 6nights €1250pp