Breathing Land - Al-Salt
Al-Salt Arecheological Museum
Prophet Yusha’s Shrine
Prophet Joshua’s Shrine
khirbet Ayyoub
Prophet Job’s Tomb
The Religious Harmony Trail

Situated in the Balqa highland to the Northwest of Amman; the capital of Jordan, Al-Salt sits proudly on the three mountains, Jada'a, Qala'a and Salalem. This striving city is no stranger tobreathtaking views, sheer beauty of nature, distinctive architecture and culture.

During the course of the years, Al-Salt has been generous enough be a home for various cultures like the Romans, Byzantines and Mamuk civilization. The remains of these architectural extravagances are still evident today, like the distinctive yellow sandstone buildings, the Italian frescoed ceiling of several mansions, the Roman Tombs, and the Citadel, all of which providing you with a great and diverse options to indulge in slow tourism. Moreover, it was during the Ottoman rule, that Al-Salt flourished, for it has been the regional capital of the Ottoman Empire, whom had established it to bea regional administrative capital, and encouraged settlement from other parts of their empire, because of whichAl-Salt enjoyed its most prosperous period.

But its not only beauty, nature and aesthetics that makes Al-Salt remarkable.It is its authentic society, which is based on affection, tolerance, brotherhood and love that makes it truly unique. It is no wonder that UNESCO decided to add this marvel to its world heritage list, labeling it as "the city of tolerance and civilized hospitality".

To sum it up, this cozy ancient town is a prefect destination for slow tourism, as it hasn't been spoiled by tourists, and its shops are not selling souvenirs yet. Instead, when you visit here, you will feel the lively streets and get greeted by the hospitable warm locals. You will never forget the enjoy the experience of strolling down both sides of the hills, or visiting the local market, while not having enough of Levantine inspired delicious cuisine. Welcome to Al-Salt

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