Breathing Land - Lakes of Edku and Mariout
The local Arab Bedouin tribes
The wooden Flouka sailing boats
Saint Mercury or Abu Sefein
Mar Girgis
hotspot for Egyptian flora conservation

Edku and Mariout are two northern Egyptian lakes on the Mediterranean Sea located at the intersection of the agricultural, maritime and urban environments. They are two of Egypt's five wetland lakes in the Northern Mediterranean basin, and are bodies of fresh, brackish, saline or hypersaline water vital to the inhabitants of Alexandria and its neighbouring suburbs.

On one hand, Lake Mariout covers an area of 50 sq km forming the southern border of the city of Alexandria. The local Arab Bedouin tribes and fishermen who live along the lakes' shores are famous for their authentic and unique cuisine, and the generations-old craftsmanship of the wooden Flouka sailing boats. Ancient tombs and monasteries (Abusir and the Basilica at Marea) surround the Lake Mariout area, as do the ruins of a Christian monastery from the 4th century called Mar Minas. Each monastery has its ambience and architectural features, as well as its locally crafted, harvested, and handmade products made by the residing nuns or monks.

Lake Edku on the other side, is one of the northern coastal lakes in Egypt, located in the western part of the Delta Nile, situated only 30 km east of Alexandria. Connected to the Mediterranean by the Al-Madiyyah Channel, the lagoon is vital not only for its fish production, resting spot for migratory birds and as a hotspot for Egyptian flora conservation. Visitors can go birdwatching, take a boat ride on the traditional Flouka, or eat the plentiful seafood cuisine.


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