Breathing Land - Sabina Reatina
Lake and river environments
Sulphur springs
Farfa Abbey and other Benedictine abbeys
The little charming Turano lake

Sabina Reatina is a mostly hilly and mountainous inland area located in Latium, close to the Tyrrhenian side of central Apennines. Close to the southern border we can find the Monti Sabini and Turano Lake, which are a few dozen kilometres far from Rome Metropolitan Area, while the western border of the area coincides with Tevere river system. Vegetation is various: the hilly areas are characterized by Mediterranean scrubs and olive trees, while, at lower altitudes, sites of special natural interest have developed thanks to the presence of water courses such as Farfa river, Ripasottile lake and Lungo lake. Despite its relatively limited extension, the area is characterized by numerous places of interest. Its North-South axis is about 60 km long: here you can find lake and river environments and sulphur springs. Along the East- West axis the main points of interest are Farfa Abbey and other Benedictine abbeys, the places of San Francesco, the places of San Benedetto, and the little charming Turano lake.

The scarcity of human settlements, most of which arise in small villages, is a great attraction of the area. Its natural landscape inspires introspective journeys and, not surprisingly, hermits and men of faith frequented Sabina over the time. Recently, the visible signs they left have become tourist and spiritual attractions, like the Cammino di San Benedetto and the Via di San Francesco, crossing each other in the area. The roman site of Trebula Mutuesca, close to Monteleone Sabino, and the mysterious and charming castle of Rocca Sinibalda built in 1080 are other interesting sites having the most significant potential attraction that you can find in the area

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