Breathing Land - Anoia
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Waterfalls of Cabrera
Pujalt Astronomic Observatory
Medieval Castles
Capellades Paper Mill Museum
Hot air balloon festival of Igualada

Anoia is a Catalonian county made up of strikingly different landscapes that together form an area full of contrasts and nuances. The high plains of Alta Anoia in the north, often shrouded in thick fog, are awash with the yellow of ripe cereal crops in the summer and deep greens in the spring, while the Conca d'Òdena in the centre is characterised by fertile ravines and leafy forests. Baixa Anoia in the south, is full or lush vineyards.

Visitors looking for an experience that offers something different, based on culture, heritage, active tourism, great cuisine, superb accommodation and top quality artisan products, will find a warm welcome in Anoia, amid a landscape full of beauty spots. Anoia is all about diversity. This is what gives it such a distinctive character and makes it such an interesting place to visit.

Anoia is part of the Catalan Central Depression, in the strip of contact with the Prelitoral Range. At its bottom has formed one of the typical erosion basins modelled on soft materials deposited during the Eocene. The waters of the Anoia and its tributaries have uprooted some of these soft materials (blue marls, clays), forming ravines, which hinder agricultural occupation. The whole of the bottom of the erosion basin has a flat appearance, still, which in detail appears as a rugged relief by gullies and ravines.

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