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About the Catalan Tourist Board

The Catalan Tourist Board is part of the Ministry of Business and Labour. It draws its members from the Government of Catalonia, the General Council of the Catalan Chambers of Commerce, representing the private sector, from the tourism boards of the provincial councils of Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona, and from the mixed public and private tourism board of the Catalan capital, Turisme de Barcelona.

The Catalan Tourist Board is the public body responsible for implementing the government’s tourism promotion policies. Its purpose is to bring well-being to the community through travel values. As part of their work, the Catalan Tourist Board creates and communicates about initiatives that help the tourist sector to being more sustainable.

The Catalan Tourist Board is a catalyser for slow tourism in Catalonia, Europe - mainly thought NECSTouR - and in the Mediterranean - mainly though cooperation projects. It is also up to date with the most innovative strategies in terms of sustainability and it has signed the Barcelona Declaration “Better places to live better places to visit” and the Glasgow Declaration.

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DMO Mediterranean Pearls APS, Italy Mediterranean Pearls is an agency for the coordinated management of all the elements that make up a Destination (attractions, access, marketing, human resources, image and prices). It adopts a strategic approach to connect very different entities to each other for better Destination Management. Mediterranean Pearls APS, created on a precise cross-border added value, supports the development of business, promoting the creation of commercial alliances in order to improve the economy, the quality and the range of services for experiential tourism. Mediterranean Pearls APS was born in order to promote tourist destinations in the Italian and foreign Mediterranean basin that focus on sustainable and eco-compatible tourism.

Mediterranean Pearls APS wants to promote ecological tourism in the sea, hill, river and lake areas, relying mainly on ecological mobility. Mediterranean Pearls APS is inspired by the philosophy of sustainable tourism promoted by Alpine Pearls, the well-known international cross-border cooperation based in Austria, privileged partner and support for know-how and best practices

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  •  Secretariat: info@mediterraneanpearls.it

The Municipality of Thessaloniki (PP2) is a legal entity under public law in Greece and operates as a self-governing entity. It consists of different departments which are responsible for various obligations towards the citizens. MedPearls Project is operated by the Department of Tourism of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, which is responsible for the development and promotion of tourism activities in the region of Central Macedonia in Greece, for the strengthening of the tourism chain in Thessaloniki and the provision of assistance and information to tourists and agents from abroad.

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Established in 1994 in Amman, Jordan. The founders wanted to offer unique travel experiences that are rich in history, nature and culture. Ahead of its time, Discovery was acutely aware of the importance to preserve Jordan’s natural and cultural heritage and still actively contributes to Jordan’s socioeconomic development. Discovery Global Holdings was the Middle East’s first – and for long-time, only ecotourism company. Our expertise lies in creating incentive and adventure travel programs. We offer a wide range of tourism services and products for incoming tourism to Jordan and the Middle East. All our services comply with the guidelines set out for ecotourism. We always take into consideration – and relentlessly works to lessen – the impacts our operations have on the environment, archeological sites and local people.

We are a local company with a global mission. We aim to become a model for innovation for high-quality travel products and new experiences. We are the leaders in a vibrant- and essential- growth sector in Jordan, actively seeking to improve the development of the socio-economic well-being if the Jordanian people.

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PWLS is an active and professional NGO and non-profit organization working in tourism and education in nature conservation among the Palestinian society and the region.
PWLS believes that conservation education is the main pillar in the conservation movement. Therefore it has worked intensively in the field of awareness and education with different sections. A result of its success was the inclusion of environmental studies in the national education curriculum. PWLS was also part of the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for Palestine in conjunction with the Ministry of Environmental Affairs.

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PICTI – Palestine’s 1st Non-Profit ICT Incubator
As the first business incubator in Palestine, PICTI is known for its effective incubation services, creating investment opportunities for innovative and unique entrepreneurial projects within the ICT sector. Notably the only incubator that operates in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, PICTI has had numerous impactful achievements across Palestine. Since its founding in 2004, the incubator supported more than 100 freelancers and helped operate 600 startups. PICTI currently provides more than 70 different types of services under 40+ projects and programmes, with the support of its 70+ partners. Not only does PICTI focus on a variety of target beneficiaries and industries, but they also have different business models and strategies that cater to different kinds of target audience.

PICTI is always on the lookout for “Outside the Box” solutions in order to face the unique challenges that accompany the development, advancement, and enlargement of economic development in Palestine. With that, PICTI greatly aspires to support young Palestinian ICT startups and entrepreneurs by providing professional business services to nurture, grow, and support the innovative spirit, creative minds, and resourceful ingenuity of Palestinian startups and entrepreneurs. It is the place where innovation, creativity, and ingenuity lie. 
Through its continuous efforts, PICTI is constantly working to achieve its mission of inspiring, facilitating, and supporting young Palestinian ICT entrepreneurs and its vision of empowering and supporting young Palestinian ICT startups to become successful.

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CEEBA, the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations was established to create one powerful national pan European network to advocate on behalf of Egyptian Businesses for market access to the EU and to promote EU Egyptian Trade and Investment. 
Since its inception, CEEBA has been a major player in all industrial sectors by organizing specific Conferences, Exhibitions, Symposia, Business Round tables, preparing white papers and organizing door-knock missions. 
It executes visibility activities and support to Euro-Med and ENP processes and supports capacity building of economic operators (EU-Egypt Bilateral Chambers). CEEBA coordinates the activities of the European chambers and business associations in Egypt and acts on behalf of non-existent bilateral chambers for EU member states.
Contact information:
• Dr Alaa Ezz, Secretary-General of CEEBA: secretarygeneral@ceeba.org
• Ms Marion Kussmann, Chief Operations Officer: COO@ceeba.org