Breathing Land - Olympus Pieria
Olympus National Park
Olympus Riviera
Castle of Platamonas
Archaeological Park of Dion
Litochoro village
Old Monastery of St Dionysios
Litochoro Maritime Museum
Center of Mediterranean Mosaics
Statue of Alexander the Great
Geological History Museum
Enipeas gorge
Orlias waterfalls
Throne of Zeus
Old Panteleimon traditional village
Ancient Pydna

According to ancient Greek mythology, Olympus Mountain was the home of the twelve ancient Greek gods, on Mytikas peak. Zeus who was the leader of gods, was the god of hospitality. Pieria mountains were the home of the Nine Muses who are the sources of inspiration for all of the arts and of knowledge. They were daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, and the romantic companions of Apollo’s entourage of gods.

Mount Olympus has been a source of inspiration for countless myths featuring ancient Greek Gods, heroic legends, and mythical creatures.In Olympus-Pieria you can find an extensive coastline of Greek Macedonian land that is considered one of the most interesting in the Mediterranean. The slopes of the mythical Mount Olympus fade smoothly into the sea revealing a paradisiacal coastline. The Olympus-Pieria area is the perfect combination of mountain and sea, a place ideal for visiting in all seasons that offers many options for both coastal and mountain tourism. Traditional villages, nature, local wines, local gastronomy, outdoor activities, wonderful beaches, history, and culture create a landscape of incredible beauty, under the light of the highest mountain in Greece, Olympus. The beautiful landscape of Olympus-Pieria captivates you with its deep green earth lines and the open horizon of the Aegean.Olympus and the sea combine harmoniously and give a special color to this beautiful corner of northern Greece.

With the coolness of the forests of the divinely inhabited Olympus Mountain and the lively presence of Enipeas river, but also the saltiness of the sea hovering in the atmosphere, the beautiful area of Olympus-Pieria seems an ideal place for excursions and for beautiful walking routes lovers. Walk in the paths of the gods, next to the gorge of Enipeas, where the varied climatic conditions but also the short distance from the sea have formed over the centuries a complex ecosystem with many peculiarities. More than 1700 species of plants and many rare species of European fauna have been recorded here. Since 1981 the area has been designated by UNESCO as a "protected part of the world biosphere". In Olympus-Pieria you can also see the archeological site of Dion, one of the most important in Greece, as it was an ancient place of worship of god Zeus and a major religious center of the Greek Macedonians and Alexander the Great. During Antiquity, Mount Olympus, and the territories of Pieria, Thessaloniki, and Imathia used to be the heart of the famous kingdom of Alexander the Great, (Dion, Pydna, Vergina/Aigai).

All the destinations of Olympus-Pieria have their own special beauty, each in a different way. And if you still do not know what to choose, there is no need to worry as they are so close to each other that you can visit all of them, regardless of where you decide to stay. Olympus-Olympus-Pieria is waiting for you!


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