Bikes Only

During this package most of the transport will be made via bicycles, in wonderful paths, emphasizing this way a soft mobility mentality, harmless to the environment, celebrating sustainable practices.

Visitors will avoid big city riding as much as possible. Routes will wind through less trafficked areas along scenic country roads, small lanes, and rural paths. Along the route, guests will find various archaeological sites and Monasteries. Pedalling through small towns, farms and villages, pausing to talk with people in their front yards, popping into a church in a village square, or stopping at a farmers’ market to buy some local delicacies for a mid-ride snack is an authentic way to absorb the culture of the area.

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Imathia Veria

Addressed to: Audience is formed by groups of cycling enthusiasts, not necessarily experienced cyclists and adventure lovers in general that are interested in unique way of visiting Central Macedonia.
Duration: A week (Weekly Programme: 6 nights - 7 Days)
Suitable for Tourism programmes will take place all year round.
Price from: 720 € (735.83 $)/ per person (Exchange rate 25/07/2022)

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