Enjoying the wild flora and fauna description in the area.

The tour starts from Dar Salah tent which can be reached by hiking from Beit Sahour , then riding 4x4 cars to reach Khriton Valley reaching Tequ where tourists enjoy food and gastronomy , cultural visits and story telling.

Tourists will enjoy new cultures and food by meeting locals and by eating their food , they will also experience old life style in the village of alrashadah . Hiking and riding 4x4 cars will add to their new experience by enjoying the sunshine.


Addressed to: Families, Women, Children, Small groups (Youths).
Duration: A week (14 days (Two Weeks))
Suitable for Winter, Spring, and Fall / September to April
Price from: guided tour, guiding fees: 100 Euro * 14 days = 1400 $

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Beit Sahour / Bethlehem Palestine . The holy land.
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