Amazing agriculture in Artas village

Tourists will start from the small town of Beot sahour , hiking to the small village of Dar Salah enjoying the coves of monks .They will spend the night at Khirbet mird grotto where they will camp enjoying the view and music.Then they will ride donkeys heading to the end of the tour reaching Nabi Mousa shrine.

tourists will eperience the life of desert, by visiting the shrines in the desert, and monastries standing alone in the desert, besides using the ancient transposrtation tools (Camels) to reach the next stations, overnight with bedouin families, and camping, in addition to hiking and climbing mountains in the desert.

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Addressed to: Families, Women, Children, Small groups (Youths).
Duration: A week (8 days)
Suitable for Winter, Spring, and Fall / September to April
Price from: Guided tour , guiding fees 100 euroes x 8 = 800 euroes.

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