Magic life of the monks in the caves of the area

Pachage 7 desert sight seeing seven days six nights.Tourists will start from the sea level area where they will enjoy the Beduins food , then moving to Kherbit mird to enjoy the wild life. After that they hike inti Wadi muqqallem reaching Marsaba monastery .Following that hiking to Alshawawra village enjoying the home stays and interaction with the locals .Visiting the herodion where tourists can enjoy the view.

Tourists are really experiencing wonderful life in the deset over the Dead Sea .Hiking and biking enable them reach amazing sight seeing places ; villages and desert .


Addressed to: Families, Women, Children, Small groups (Youths).
Duration: A week (7 days 6 nights)
Suitable for Winter, Spring, and Fall / September to April
Price from: guided tour , guiding fees 100 euros x 7 days = 700 euros.

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