Mystical and spiritual

This trip will take you to sacred locations around the lakes and Alexandria. Through this experience, you will be touched on how the calmness of the lakes opened the space for such religious and pious locations to exist and sustain.

Religion plays an important role in the lives of the lakes’ communities and the societies in Alexandria. Thus, we wanted to dedicate a package to call the visitors to open and reconnect with their souls during their visit to these sacred locations. We wanted also to highlight the sacristy of nature with the sacristy of religious sites.

Take steps into the mystical world of the lakes and Alexandria. This trip is designed to awaken your soul through visits to the religious sites next to the flowing water.


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Lakes of Edku and Mariout

Addressed to: Individuals and Groups interested in Piety, theology and History
Duration: A week (7 days)
Suitable for All around the year, except: June 1st- September 15th. December 1st - February 28th.
Price from: 620$/per person, including: Accommodation, Transportation, Daily meals, Guide, Visits, Tools

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