Live like a Local in Edku

The highlight of Rosetta city is a breathtaking amble through the charming alleys of the old market- still vibrant with local products that are exclusive to the city. A spectacular sightseeing tour of Rosetta and Edku will see you surveil the two cities’ monuments and learn about the decoding of the hieroglyphs on the famous Rosetta Stone. Immerse yourself in a traditional welcoming and folkloric air on a Nile cruise in the company of hospitable local fishermen, all within the prominence of Rosetta’s Mamluk architecture.

Join us on this unique social and historic adventure as we tour the momentous Rosetta Citadel and grasp its rich history, stroll through the famous souqs (markets), purchase some oriental products at tempting prices from local vendors, wonder at the intricate Mamluk buildings, and sail over the mesmerizing Nile on a traditional Nile boat among local Rosetta families for a laid-back afternoon.  

This holiday will also see us spend a day at Madyia Village for: a cruise on the scenic Edku Lake on a felucca- as you immerse yourself in the life of local fishermen, a dive into the unique nature and palm tree farms, a buggy tour of the renowned Edku Fort and the early 18th century British cannons it still showcases, a traditional local lunch at Madyia Sports Club, and last but not least, a kayaking adventure on the Edku Lake.  


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Lakes of Edku and Mariout

Addressed to: Families, Women, Children, Small groups (Youths).
Duration: A week (5 days)
Suitable for Available all year round except for 15 November to 30 March
Price from: 450 dollars