The territory of the Etna, Nebrodi, and Alcantara Parks is a treasure trove of biodiversity, a protected area that hosts and protects various DOP and DOC wines, from wine to pistachio and of course also oil. Etna is a fertile, special territory, excellent for the production of many agricultural specialties. What will you taste? Etna DOC wine, Monte Etna DOP oil, Pistacchio di Bronte, Provola dei Nebrodi DOP, and other local delicacies.

Food and wine journey to discover local products in the territory of Etna Park, Nebrodi, and Alcantara, without forgetting the local historical and artistic beauties of the historic centers. The protagonists of this tour will be the Etna DOC wine, the extra virgin olive oil Monte Etna DOP, the pistachio DOP of Bronte, the Provola dei Nebrodi DOP, and the typical local sweets, and those baked products, the traditional Sicilian dishes but also the "People" and "places.
Doc & Dop Tour is a private 8-day tour in Etna-Alcantara Valley is an incredible selection of food experiences and activities. We will visit wineries and farms that produce extra virgin olive oil on the slopes of Volcano Etna and them.


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Etna Alcantara Valley

Addressed to: Easy Comfortable trip, no experience or training required
Duration: A week (7)
Num of Persons in Group: 4 min - 12 max
Price from: Starting from Min 4 : 999,00 – Min 8 : € 959,00 – Min 12 : € 919,00

True Sicily by Akesine Viaggi