A weekend dedicated to discovering nature and archeology along the Alcantara valley. Take part in activities that will immerse you in nature, culture, local cuisine (river trekking, walks in the countryside, visits to farms and villages). It is possible to do the complete itinerary aboard an e-bike.

Taste the oil, wine, and fruit that dot the lush trees adorning the Alcantara valley. The icy river, which springs from the Nebrodi mountains, makes these lands fertile. You can immerse your feet in them, face their canyons or ride the whirlpools that curl on your skin if you feel brave. Roll up your sleeves and together with the Mothers of the village of Motta Camastra prepare the lunch that you will enjoy together: the most delicious Sicilian foods, which perhaps one day you will recreate in your kitchen. It all depends on the passion you put into kneading, and the desire to learn different things and immerse yourself profoundly in the territory. It can depend on how long you will listen to the advice but also how much you will love these wild places that offer unique ingredients, difficult to replace except with the tricks of a trade handed down from generation to generation. And the wine? That will certainly help! 



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Etna Alcantara Valley

Addressed to: Nature-lovers, adventure-seekers, explorers, and cyclists.
Duration: A week (3 days)
Suitable for From April to October.
Num of Persons in Group: 5-10
Price from: Starting from 990€ (price based on a group tour of 6 people)

Emotional Sicily