Breathing Land - Ribera d’Ebre
Castle of Miravet
Natural Route of the River Ebro
The Cardó Mountains
Pas de l’Ase
Roman settlements in Vinebre
Nature Reserve of Sebes

Ribera d'Ebre is a county at southern Catalonia territory, Terres de l'Ebre. In Ribera d'Ebre, the river is a key element: source of life, source of culture, main street… The county has an extension of over 40 kilometres along the river Ebre from its entry point to Catalonia. The coastal territory is divided into 14 townships which include 17 villages.

The rugged terrain of the county is due to the Catalan Pre-littoral Mountain Range which splits in two when entering Ribera d’Ebre, thus creating two emblematic points of the county: where the river is forced to cross the mountains in Ase pass in Garcia and in Barrufemes pass in Miravet. In the middle of these two mountain chains, the river enters the plain of Mora, surrounded by the mountains of Cavalls, Pàndols, and Picossa, among others.

The Mediterranean climate of the county is the responsible of the variety of landscapes covering from Mediterranean forest to almond, olive and fruit trees, bank forest, all this accompanied with the particular ancestral constructions of Dry stone (pedra seca). The villages of Ribera d’Ebre were born close to sources of water or at the mountains looking for its natural protection.

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