Gastronomy on the lakes

This package is designed to take the food tours to the next level by taking the food back to its historical, social and cultural roots.

In this experience, we will assemble North African, Mediterranean, and Egyptian cuisines for your enjoyment. You will not only enjoy delicious food but also learn about the cultures and stories that brought it to life.

In addition, this journey aims to shed light on culinary diversity. Starting with the food prepared by Bedouins around lakes, which is dependent on nature and the earth, and ending with the faster-paced cuisine of Alexandria. We will also focus on the Mediterranean diet and how culture influences it.


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Lakes of Edku and Mariout

Addressed to: Adults and seniors (30-60)
Duration: A week (7 days)
Suitable for All around the year, except: June 1st- September 15th. December 1st - February 28th.
Num of Persons in Group: 5- 10
Price from: 650$/per person, including: Accommodation, Transportation, Food tours, Snacks and Drinks, Kayaking, Horse riding, Guide, Visits, Workshops

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